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Products | Cell Phone Chargers | Super Caps | Connectors | Controllers | Solar Panels | PTZ Dome Solar Cameras | Bester, Bronkhorstspruit | TBV Solar CC

Portable sOlar Camping Kits 200 to 300 watt

Lithium Batteries.

180 watt to 1100 watt solar pumps

Solar Inverters

Pv Cable 4 and 6 mm

Pocket Solar Cell Phone Charger

Solar PanelsJA, Jinko Mono, CNBN

AC and DC Combiner Box

10 to 100 amp Controllers

Super Cap Batteries

Deye Hybrid Inverters

TBV Solar All in One Solar Home Kit in 3 Kva and 5 Kva output range.

TBV Solar source solar pumps world wide to accomod the needs of our clients. Head rated from 30 m up to 400 m We size systems based on your requierments. Contact us for all your water needs.

Main feature:  Thanks to our apps for smartphones and PCs, you can manage your farm and know the condition and location of your animals, from anywhere and at anytime.  The Cattle GPS Tracker from TBV Solar Sec

Off Grid Solar Power Systems ranging from .5kw up to 30kw. Systems consist of Mono Solar Panels  Charge controllers Inverters Batteries Panel mounting brackets Cables

  Type : Beier�s Portable Fridge Freezer Range Use: Camping and Outdoors Feature : Compressor Power Source: Battery and Solar Panels Material: Coated Material and Stainless Steel Quality Certification: CE, ROSS, GS, S

  We manufacture security flood lights to suit customer requirements. From 10 watt to 30 watt led chips. Pole length from 2 meter up to 4 meter Light system complete with : 1)      Mono Solar Panels 2) &n